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Employer FAQ

How do I get a Handshake account?

Please visit this link and fill out the profile as completely as possible. You will need to register your company, create a company profile and enter your recruiter contact information. Your company contact person will receive our CDC announcements and also be the person who manages your HandShake account.

I signed up on Handshake. Now what? What will I be able to do once I sign up on Handshake?

Once we review and approve your Handshake account, your company contact/user will be able to post positions, review resumes and request on-campus recruiting (information sessions, interview rooms and register for our career fairs).

How do I request an information session?

Please login to your Handshake account and then go to the "events" tab. You will then be able to request an information session. Please note that our information sessions are typically held Monday through Thursday from 4:00pm-6:00pm. Most information sessions are presented in The Brennen Conference room (depending upon availability) which is located right next door to our offices in the Center for Student Services.

I’m interested in hiring an undergraduate summer intern for my company. Who can I contact to get more information?

If you are an employer looking to hire Caltech undergraduate summer interns, please contact Garineh Kouredjian, Career Counselor & Internship Advisor

How do I request a room for on-campus interviews?

Log on to your Handshake account, then go to "on campus recruiting." From the OCR tab, you will be able to request your dates, create your interview schedule and the number of interview rooms required. You will not be able to create an interview schedule without attaching a position. Your posted position will be attached to your recruiter's interview schedule.

How do I sign up for a career fair?

Once you have created a Handshake account, you will be able to register for a career fair when registration opens. By creating an account ahead of time, you can ensure that an email announcement will be sent to you when the registration process begins.

Can you recommend a caterer?

We recommend Scott Robbins from Perfect Equation Catering. You may contact Scott directly at 626-529-5585 or email him at

What are the best times of day for events?

We suggest that information sessions begin at 4:00 p.m. and conclude at 6:00 p.m. Our students are accustomed to these hours for information sessions, and are also familiar with the locations on campus where the sessions are hosted.

How do I notify students about events?

We want to help you promote your event. We suggest that you email us an announcement sharing a brief overview of your company, a link to your company's website and a description of your available positions, along with the details of your visit (date, time, location). Students registered on Handshake will be notified of this information via email.

What if I just want to hold an event for graduate students or a specific club?

On-campus recruiting is open for all students to attend/participate. You are welcome to specify degrees required for the positions posted within your company. However, we do not exclude any students from attending information sessions. When you are ready to publicize, you may state the required qualifications and, at the same time, candidates of interest.

How do I change my OCR dates? What sort of timeline do you recommend?

If you wish to change your On-Campus Recruiting dates, please select the Events tab in Handshake, locate the posted position you wish to change and click on schedules. From there, you will be able to make revisions to your resume submission/end dates, preselect to open for interview schedules, as well as open and close dates. Alternatively, you may email the dates/timeline changes to our recruiting coordinator and we will implement these changes.

Where are you located?

Our street location is 414 South Holliston Avenue, building # 86 on the campus map.